Description of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 4G N980 Bronze

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 4G is a real universal device. It is perfect for people who use their smartphone a lot and who also want a stylish device with a supplied stylus as a bonus. It is powerful, fast, and looks incredibly sleek.

This Note 20 has found the perfect balance between fast performance and enjoying your phone. It ensures that you can really get the most out of your smartphone. Its big brother, the Note 20 Ultra is just a little bit better, but this Note 20 comes pretty close!

S-pen included

As a Note fan you of course buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 because of the included S pen. This useful pen ensures that you can take notes at lightning speed, just as if you were writing on paper. The pen reacts very quickly and feels comfortable in your hand, so you no longer need paper.

Beautiful display

The display of this Note 20 is very impressive. It is flat, in contrast to the display of the Note 20 Ultra. If you’re a fan of a flat screen, you should choose this one! Thanks to the Full HD+ resolution of the AMOLED display, everything looks fantastic, from colours to contrast.

Lightning fast hardware

If you are looking for the smartphone with the fastest hardware, you are definitely at the right place with this Note 20. Thanks to the Exynos 990 processor, developed by Samsung, everything will be lightning fast, no matter what you’re doing. From games to other demanding apps or many apps at once, nothing is too much for this Note 20.

Smart battery

The battery of the Note 20 is not only very large, it is also very smart! The battery makes sure that it can deliver more power when you ask for it. At the same time, the phone makes sure that you save battery power when you don’t need so much from your phone. So you can use your phone longer without charging!

Professional camera

The cameras of the Note 20 are also really something to brag about and that makes this powerhouse a perfect companion, also for entertainment. The 12-megapixel camera ensures that all your photos are of good quality, but there are also many extras!

For example, you’ll find an ultra-wide-angle 12-megapixel lens next to it, and a 64-megapixel telephoto lens. The latter allows you to optically zoom three times, without loss of quality. Ideal for when you’re on holiday; you really don’t need to bring a camera with you any more.



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